• Salty air.

    Salty air.

  • Spray at your feet.

    Spray at your feet.

  • Waves hit the beach.

    Waves hit the beach.

  • Perpetual change of the tides.

    Perpetual change of the tides.

  • Without our interference.

    Without our interference.

  • Weigel - Bilder vom Meer


The fascination of the sea led me to painting and the Baltic Sea. After studying art and doing my doctorate on natural aesthetics, I have been passionately dedicating myself to painting the sky and sea for many years.

In the summer I work in my beautiful studio on the beach in Haffkrug, where I also like to be looked over my shoulder while painting. In winter I like to paint on Mallorca or as a guest artist on and around the seas of this world. On my exhibition trips, my pictures were therefore seen internationally, e.g. B. in Copenhagen, St. Petersburg, Dubai, in the USA and the Caribbean.

In my painting I am always concerned with the question of origin and constructor: to what extent does nature refer to a creator?

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Video Weigel - Bilder vom Meer

A film about my art

Weigel - Bilder vom Meer

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Weigel - Bilder vom Meer